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I will be gone for the next 3 months! Will update my mods when I return!

Tough As Nails Addon!


Requires: Tough As Nails


Slurp is something we have wanted to do for a while! The ability to drink water from water pools with your bare hand!



Drinking water from pools of water in the world will give you hydration, however, will also give a negative debuff or thirst because the water is dirty!

Slurp will work with Tough As Nails 1.10.2 and up!



Slurp is great for those who work on hardcore packs using Tough As Nails!



Has a config to: 

- Increase or decrease amount of water you can drink at once (Half a water drop default)

- Increase or decrease amount of hydration each drink give (0.2 default)

- Increase or decrease amount of time the Thirst effect lasts(40 secs per drink default)

- Increase or decrease potency of the Thirst effect(default 5 because thirst takes forever to drop)

V. 0.2 and up!

- Option to take source block when drinking! (False by default)



Features to be added:

- Biome specific effects

     - Ocean = more thirst, etc

     - Rivers = good water

- Ability to drink from non source blocks, configurable and off by default.





Bugs as of 0.2!

- Cannot drink water if you're looking at a block through a source block (annoying:C)

- No drink noise? I don't know why.







I made this mod for you guys! Please use it as you please!





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