Slime Block From The Future

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Slime Block
Slime Block 
It has most of the characters of the Slime Block in vanilla Minecraft 1.8, which means it can bounce entities and stick with other blocks when pushed by pistons. (Its behavior may not be exactly the same as that in vanilla Minecraft 1.8, but it should be very similar.)

Colored Slime Block

Slime Blocks can be dyed in any of the 16 different colors, just like Wool. Though Slime Blocks can stick with surrounding blocks, they don't stick with each other if they have different colors.

Magma Cream Block

While Slime Blocks can stick with blocks when pushed to any directions, Magma Cream Blocks can only stick with blocks with pushed to 1 direction. It should be very useful when making conveyor belts to move blocks with the help of pistons.

Golden Piston / Golden Sticky Piston

Due to technical reason, you have to use these specially made pistons in order to have the effect of Slime Blocks and Magma Cream Blocks. Otherwise, they won't stick with blocks and won't bounce entities.

Sticky Sand (Optional)

With the help of Slime Balls, Sand can now fight against gravity. But maybe it is not that sticky. You will know what I mean when they receive redstone signal. (Yeah, I know it is irrelevant to the mod description. This block is just for fun.)


Ever think of a mobile piston that not just pushes blocks in front of it, but also follows behind the blocks? Now you have this little block! This is currently work in progress. I will add more special Pushers later.

Outdated WIP Video

- Minecraft 1.6.4
- Forge
- SnowCat's Library 0.0.1

- Default Block IDs (6 + 2): 1210, 1211, 1212, 1213, 1214, 1215 (Optional), 1216 (Optional), 1217

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