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 Yes, that's right! Villages in the land of clouds! Explore massive and beautiful villages in the sky!
These villages generate entirely randomly on your world, and each of these sky towns will have a distinctive and unique look!
This mod is currently under steady development. New villages/content will be added in each update.



Datapacks allow you to modify this mod in certain ways. Everything can be changed and configured. Compat datapacks add blocks, items and mobs from other mods into this one. To add them to your modpack, include Global Packs mod and include them on your resourcepacks folder. Additionally, you can use Paxi or Open Loader to make sure they're loaded on world creation. Please, if you're using Curseforge launcher, consider adding compat datapacks to your resourcepacks folder so they're properly recognized by Curseforge.


These official compat datapacks are currently available (as per v1.0.4):


Waystones x Sky Villages

The Graveyard x Sky Villages

Supplementaries x Sky Villages

Farmer's Delight x Sky Villages

Let's do Bakery x Sky Villages

Let's do Vinery x Sky Villages

Let's do Candlelight x Sky Villages

Let's do Beachparty x Sky Villages

Let's do Brewery x Sky Villages

Let's do Herbal Brews x Sky Villages