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Sky Resources 2 

The mod where all materials come from alchemy and technology in the sky.




The mod works well with Void Island Control!


Comes with an in-game guide! (Default: Press G or change it in the controls)  



  • Life Infusion         
  • Freezers                
  • Combustion         
  • Water Extractor   
  • Lava Production   
  • Metal Production
    • Crystallizer     
    • Condenser     
  • Rock Grinder
    • Used for breaking down cobble and gravel, getting gems, and an alternate ore method
  • Advanced Machines
    • May use RF
    • Automate special processes
    • 4 tiers of some machines (Stone/Wood, Iron, Advanced, Dark Matter)

Mod Support

  • JEI, CraftTweaker, Thermal mods, Embers, Extreme Reactors, Integrated Dynamics, Environmental Tech, TechReborn, Forestry, Tinkers Construct and ArmorPlus support   
  • JEI (Just Enough Items) is highly recommended for recipes.   
  • CraftTweaker can be used to customize the recipes used for your 1.11 skyblock experience! Go here for information.
  • Metals supported
    • Iron, gold, copper, tin, silver, zinc, nickel, platinum, aluminum, lead, cobalt, ardite, osmium, draconium, titanium, tungsten, chrome, iridium, boron, lithium, magnesium, mithril
  • Gems supported
    • Emerald, diamond, ruby, sapphire, peridot, red garnet, yellow garnet, apatite, dark gem
    • These are mainly added for Silent's Gems: amber, lepidolite, melachite, onyx, moldavite, agate, opal, amethyst, jasper, aquamarine, heliodor, turquoise, moonstone, carnelian, beryl, golden beryl, citrine, indicolite, garnet, topaz, ametrine, tanzanite, violet sapphire, alexandrite, blue topaz, spinel, iolite, black diamond, chaos, ender essence, quartz, lapis, certus, black quartz


Let me know when this mod is being used for an addon. I would like to know what would be added in the addon to see if it conflicts with future plans for the mod. Addons for adding recipes or resources I would prefer NOT to be done as that would be pointless and more work for pack devs. If you want something added, either put it in the issues, or down in the comments.



Go for it.