Skulls and Monkeys

1,129 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 24, 2020 Game Version: Forge

Mysterious forest structure

Danger in the forest

Strange little village

What's happened to that house?!

What's that in the forest?

Uh, guys, what's that? I have a bad feeling about this.

Emerald armour is back!

Emerald armour with effects, from the classic Emerald Mod

The jetpack is back!

The jetpack from TLSpecialArmor mod. Still needs a few tweaks but working.

The block wrench for MC 1.12.2

This highly useful little tool has been missing on 1.12.2. Not anymore!

Banana Pickaxe

Is that a banana on your pickaxe?

Banana Hoe

For Banana Gardening

Monkey Village

Monkeys have taken over part of a village!

Monkeys like bananas

Aaah! They're following me!

Monkey house

Danger in the village!

It's me!

Nice kitty, kitty!

Presenting in my speedy pants

j/k . ;)

What is THAT?!

Bewildered villager

The Three Horsemen

And a creeper on point!

Pumpkin armour

Pumpkins. You can eat them or you can wear them!

Birch armour

Complete with a big birch sword

An old ruin

Probably nothing in there but old stones and bones.

A villager outpost

Lone villager house

Maybe the start of a new village?

Villager long house

A primitive dwelling

Walled farm

Those crafty villagers


Desert house

A bit of luxury in the barren desert sands

Stone tree

What an odd tree