Simply Warp

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Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.


This is a mod that I began writing that is designed to create a good way to warp yourself around. This mod is currently in alpha, and I will be implementing a ton more features such as the ability to teleport blocks/tile entities, power, and items.


This mod is in alpha and is subject to frequent updates.



Warp Drops (Placeholder Name and Texture):
This item is used as fuel for the personal warper and creates 32 per recipe. The personal warper will use one of these every time you warp.

Crafting Warp Drops

Personal Warper (Placeholder Texture):

This item is used to set and warp to your favorite locations. To use this item right click while standing in the location, you want to set the warp to. Then when you want to warp back to it you right click again, however, you must have a warp drop in your inventory as fuel. If you run out of warp drops, you will be able to warp one more time, but it will destroy the personal warper.

Crafting Personal Warper

 More To Come:

- Person Lock Upgrade - this item will be used to make sure that only you can use your personal warper so that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands if you die.
- Multi Warper - an item that will allow you to combine all your personal warpers into one as well as storing your warp drops to help save inventory.
- Red Warp - A easy to use wireless redstone system.
- Item Warper - a block that will attach to any inventory and allow you to efficiently teleport items around.
- Entity Warper - a block that will teleport any entity that stands on it to the given location.
- Power Warper - be able to wirelessly transport power such as RF between machines.
- Block / Tile Entity Warper - A system that will allow you to teleport any blocks, tile entities or structures.

- And much more to come


Set warp

Emergency Warp

 Mod Packs:
Feel free to use this mod in any public/private mod packs. However, I would appreciate a notice if you do end up using this mod in your pack (Not a requirement).


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