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Mythic Metals  |  Gobber  |  LevelZ


Forbidden & Arcanus | Twilight Forest | The Undergarden | Blue Skies | Plus The End
via Knaves Needs (by KodoDenka)



Prefer an alternate look?

Simply Swords Classic (Legacy 3D models)

Yourscraft resourcepack + Simply Swords addon (by Manos_Of_Fate)

Armaments of Legend resourcepack (by Count_Sjorn_Paradox)



Other Timefall Development Mods


Golden Steak - Adds Golden Steaks and Enchanted Golden Steaks
MC Dungeons Weapons - Brings the weapons from Minecraft Dungeons to Minecraft
MC Dungeons Artifacts - Brings the artifacts from Minecraft Dungeons to Minecraft
MC Dungeons Armors - Brings the armors of Minecraft Dungeons to Minecraft
MC Story Mode Armors - Brings the armor sets from Minecraft Story Mode to Minecraft
Save Gear on Death - A middle ground between Keep Inventory On and Off
Headshot [Forge] - Allows players and some mobs to be headshot
Mob Summoning - Summon Mobs to fight alongside you
Diamond Shards - Break Diamonds into nine Shards. Great for Diamond Based Economies
Loot Config - Gain full customization over the loot tables of Minecraft
Interchangable - Minecraft mod for interchangeable inputs in recipes based on config

Simply Skills - A comprehensive skill tree mod for Fabric


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