Simply No Report

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Simply No Report

This mod gives the option to server admins to disable chat reporting, in a non-intrusive way. It is disabled by default to let everyone decide what they want to do.


This mod is server side only. It can be enabled by setting the disableChatReport gamerule to true.

Turning the mod off may cause one or all clients to get disconnected to catch up with the cryptographic chain or sync signing keys. Everything will be back to normal after that.


There are currently two strategies for disabling chat reporting:

-CONVERT_TO_SERVER_MESSAGE (default): converts the message to a server message, effectively removing any player information tied to the message. It should work with most chat plugins, if not please open an issue! Messages will be accompanied by a gray border signifying it is a system message.

-STRIP_SIGNATURE: removes the signature before sending the message to the clients. The signature is still verified by the server. Messages will be accompanied by a red border signifying it wasn't signed. This strategy can be quite unstable and may require enforce-secure-profile in the file to be set to false.

The strategy can be changed by setting the disableChatReportStrategy gamerule.

No matter what strategy you choose, we highly recommend you to clearly communicate to your users that chat reporting is disabled.


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