What is Simply Light?

Simply Light is a Lighting mod with a simplistic design.

Modern look and feel with an architecture view in mind.

Why Simply Light?

All lamps are simple blocks with no tile entities or particles involved.

The benefits include causing little strain on performance compared to using a large number of torches.


  • Full block, redstone reactive lamps. (16 Colors in 1.16+, Thanks Rid)
  • Half-slab style rotatable lamps.
  • Quarter-block panel style, rotatable lamps.
  • Fixtures for walls/ceilings/floors.
  • Simple Light bulb style fixtures.
  • Edge lighting strips that morph to fit against walls.
  • Waterlogged lamps.(1.14.4+)
  • A 3 block tall Lamp Post.
  • Connected textures on the Panels and Slabs (1.16+)(Requires Connected Textures Mod)