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Simply Jetpacks is a Minecraft Mod that adds Jetpacks and Fluxpacks with various recipes from other mods such as Thermal Expansion and EnderIO. These Jetpacks can be used to fly around, and the so called Fluxpacks can be used to charge things in your inventory on the go. The Jetpacks and Fluxpacks are powered by Forge Energy and are fully compatible with Redstone Flux and other energies from other mods.

If you have suggestions for new features or enhancements, please tell us on our Discord Server. If you want to stay on the bleeding edge in terms of information you can also follow me on Twitter, @Tomson124.

If you want to help and don't know how to code, donations are always a good way to support the devs. You can do that on Patreon or PayPal

Yes, you may use this mod in your modpack. Please do not PM me about it.