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Simply Improved Terrain

Simply Improved Terrain rewrites some of the terrain generation components in Minecraft to improve their visual results, while preserving the overall Vanilla impression. Specifically, it focuses on increasing directional variety, grid independence, and overall shape variation. This mod is designed as a drop-in with intent for it to be compatible with many modpacks and datapacks.


Features (1.20 version -- alpha and subject to change, but playable)

  • Mitigates square corrugations in terrain curvature by splitting 3D-sampled noise into separate interpolation channels, and removing interpolation from 2D-sampled noise.
  • Removes 45-90-degree bias from large-scale terrain shapes by applying domain rotation to noise samplers.
  • Localizes shelf height variation in windswept/shattered terrain by adding per-cell offsets to the corresponding samplers.
  • Rechannels per-seed noise layer interaction characteristics into maximized per-area variation by standardizing sampler offsets.
  • Reduces 45-degree artifacts in ice and surface patterns by expanding the underlying gradient vector table.
  • Cleans up interval-lock from biome border surface patterns by correcting the sample loop range, switching to aggregated weight falloff, and bypassing subsampling.
  • Removes grid effects from the End island generator, and smoothes intersection transitions, by switching to full-resolution metaballs.
  • Rounds out shape distributions of placed terrain features, including lava lakes and basalt blobs, by switching to isotropic spread formulas.
  • Breaks up monotony in surface deposit and small End island features by adding falloff noise.

Features (1.16 version)

  • Replaces trilinear interpolation with dynamic noise layer skipping to make full-resolution noise practical. Also removes problematic high-frequency layers. This eliminates the majority of the grid patterns from the terrain.
  • Replaces unmitigated noise with domain-rotated noise to remove 45-90-degree bias from the horizontal worldplane. This adds the missing large-scale directional variation with less re-tuning than the canonical solution of using Simplex-type noise.
  • Re-implements terrain noise "shelves" in a way that localizes height, accounts for domain rotation, and doesn't require interpolation for smoothing.
  • Injects domain-rotation into existing unmitigated noise so that other features can also take advantage.
  • Replaces the gradient vectors in 2D surface block pattern noise with a lattice-symmetric 24-sized set which reduces 45-degree artifacts.
  • Replaces End Island generator with full-resolution jittered metaballs to remove grid patterns, and allow intersecting islands to merge more nicely.
  • Removes sharp points from the disk-shaped sand/gravel/clay/ice deposits to make them more convincing. Also adds radius variation. Idea credit: Origin Realms.
  • Replaces Overworld biome transition smoothing with scattered sampling to conceal the underlying 4x4-interval grid. Also makes rivers wider to avoid constrictions.
  • Removes directional bias from the netherrack patterns below ruined portal structures by replacing the |Δx|+|Δz| falloff with a Euclidean-based falloff.