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What is Simply Graves?

Simply Graves is a lightweight gravestone mod. Run into trouble and die? simply run back to your grave, and right click it to recover your items.


  • Configurable opt-out/in system.
  • 12 Different material themes for the graves, chosen at random.
  • Graves are protected for a configurable amount of time, afterward anyone can gather the items.
  • If a grave fails to spawn(you died in a wall etc.) your items are still safe, and can be recovered easily.
  • Commands for operators to forcibly recover graves.

Command list

  • /simplygraves latest
  • Lists information about your latest death and grave location.
  • /simplygraves failed
    • Recovers inventory from a grave that failed to spawn.
  • /simplygraves option (enable/disable)
    • Sets your grave preference.
  • /simplygraves option [Player-Name] (enable/disable)
    • OP command to set a players' preference.
  • /simplygraves list
    • OP command to list all graves
  • /simplygraves recover [Grave-UUID] [Player-Name]
    • OP command to forcibly recover a specified grave to a targeted player.
  • all commands can be used with /sg as well.

Config options

  • defaultOption
    • The default grave option for players, Default: true
  • operatorOnly
    • If true, only OP's can set grave preference, Default: false
  • publicDelay
    • The delay in seconds a grave is protected, afterward the grave becomes public, and anyone can collect it, Default 3600 (1 hour)

Future plans.

  • User preferences for grave material.
  • Decorative versions of the graves.