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Ever found yourself hating durability? Don't want to spawn in unbreakable tools for yourself? This mod is for you! It simply removes the vanilla functionality that makes tools breakable. That's all there is to it, really.

However, if you want more advanced functionality, there is a whitelist/blacklist tag. By default, it's a blacklist, but the config can make it a whitelist. This will either restrict or exclude the break-stop functionality to all items. Built-in, only Quark's seed pouches are included as a blacklist.

FAQ (Probably)

Will you update to... 

Here's a cool trick. Go onto the Github and look at the most recent commit. If it's over a few months, you're probably screwed. Sorry. Feel free to port it on your own though, just credit me.



Sorry, but no. That said, it probably isn't too hard to port over on your own. It's just one file. Some people have actually already ported it to 1.12.2, if you would like to use it.


Fabric? Quilt? Yarn? Tapestry? Textile?

No. That said, it shouldn't be difficult to bring over.


Can I have this in my pack?



Will you add any new features?

No. The entire point of this mod is to be lightweight, with one simple purpose and one simple feature. If any new features are added, they will be part of a broader durability-focused mod.


Known Issues

-This mod will break certain things that use durability. Luckily, as of 2.5, there's a blacklist. Quark's seed pouches are one of these, but more can be added as you choose. The ID for the tag is