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Simple Teleporters Reforged is a continuation of Simple Teleporters by Lemonszz. It adds a craftable teleporter block to quickly travel your world!


How to use:

Craft an Ender Shard:

  • Smelt an Ender Eye in a furnace.

Create a link:

  • Sneak right-click with the Ender Shard on a block to set a teleportation link.

    Craft a Teleporter:

    • Use quartz blocks, a gold block, and 2 Ender Shards in a crafting table.

Set Up the Teleporter:

  • Place the Teleporter on the ground.
  • Use the Ender Crystal you made earlier in it by right-clicking with it in your hand. You can freely take the crystal out and put it back in.


    How to use:
  • Step on the Teleporter and sneak to be instantly transported to the linked position.