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Simple Storage Network


This mod was originally created by MrRiegel and others in Minecraft 1.10, see that version here  .  


**NOTE** SimpleStorageNetwork-1.19-1.6.5.jar is NOT compatible with minecraft 1.19.3 and is no longer mistakenly marked as such, updates are coming slowly


**NOTE**: Versions on 1.19.0 arent working on 1.19.2 servers, new 1.19.2 build is out

**NOTE**: In Minecraft 1.18.2, it Does not work with any JEI versions in the 10.X series, only with 9.7.X (for example JEI or



See Minecraft 1.12.2 downloads here


I have updated the old 1.x version of the mod to current minecraft versions and keep maintained, releasing it here with permission