Simple Sitting

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Simple Sitting is a mod that lets you sit anywhere. To do that press the key that is bound to the sitting action ("g" by default)  and boom! you're sitting now!

You can obviously change the keybind to sit. While sitting, you cannot move. To stop sitting, release "g" or press the sneak key ("LShift" by default)


WARNING: This mod does NOT work well with mods that influence the player's size and such, due to the hacky solutions to problems I implemented. I will try to eliminate the problems over time, but for now, just avoid using resizing mods (or any other mods that severely affect the player, for that matter) when using this one, alright? Alright :)


To use it in multiplayer, both the players and the server need to have it installed.

Porting back to older versions isn't an option. Neither is updating to new versions until stable Forge versions are released, but probably longer, as Mcreator has to come out for the version as well. The mod is in 1.18.2 right now.

Feel free to put this in your modpack, if you feel it is worthy of it.

This is my first project, don't be too harsh :) But feel free to leave feedback, I have much to learn.

 This mod WAS made with MCreator, no doubt. 



Have fun sitting!


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