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Improve yourself with Skills!


Uses Z-Doctor's Skill Tree Mod

There seems to be a conflict between Skill Tree API and a couple of mods, including Custom NPCs. Unless I create my own API, they won't likely be fixed any time soon, unfortunately.


Currently, skills added:

- Damage+: Increase your base Damage!

- Double Damage: Doubles your base Damage!

- Sword Proficiency: Increase your damage with a Sword! (Works with all ItemSword)

- Axe Proficiency: Increase your damage with an Axe! (Works with all ItemAxe)

- Attack Speed+: Increase your Attack Speed!

- Health+: Increase your base Health!

- Health Multiplier: Double your Health!

- Armor+: Increase your base Armor!

- Armor Toughness+: Increase your base Armor Toughness!

- Golden Damage+: Increase damage with all Gold Tools!

- Golden Mending: Slowly repair Golden Equipment (Tools and Armor), higher tiers add more slots that repair.

- Luck+: Increases your Luck!

- Movement+: Increases your Speed!

- Awakening: Increases Health, Armor, Armor Toughness, and Speed!

- Feather Fall: Reduces your Fall Damage!

- Rapid Regeneration: Rapidly regenerates Health lost, max regeneration increases with tier! Like in Prey!

- Rare Drop: Increase your chance to get Items from this mod!

- Double Healing: Double all healing! A must-have for players with high health!

- Damage++: Increases base damage by 0.02 per tier, multiplied by all unused skill points!

- Knockback Resistance: Increases knockback resistance!

- Ranged Damage+: Increases Projectile Damage!


Items Added:

- Crystal of Skills: Gives one skill point, can rarely be dropped by mobs. 

- Staff of Skills: Gives one skill point, with a 10 min cooldown, and is also enchantable. Very rarely dropped by mobs.

- Golden Horseshoe: Gives 5-25 xp, can rarely be dropped by horse-like mobs. (Note: Modded mobs might not work depending on how they are made. Some might, other not.)




- Add Skill to Reduce Exhaustion, etc.

- Add Enchantment that increases skill points given from Staff of Skills.

- Add Advancements.

- Add Tetra Integration so that tetra tools get their relevant bonuses.

- Add Mod Interaction.


This is going to be part of a modular set of mods to add RPG elements to Minecraft, all independently playable. Feel free to give ideas/improvements and report bugs in the Issue Tracker!


Q and A:

Q: Will you add x mod integration?

A: Once 1.0.0 is out I'll start working on any major integration. Please leave what mod integration you want to see in the Issue Tracker. If it's easy I might add it sooner.

Q: X thing crashes on server.
A: It's almost guaranteed that it's an issue with the API. I have mentioned this to its maker, but he hasn't attempted to fix it.


My mods:

Simple RPG Skills

Immersive Energy

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