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Simple Mango



Simple Mango

This mod adds a new type of tree, with a new type of wood and a new food, the Mango.
With two mangoes upgrades, the golden handle and the enchanted golden mango that can be craftable or can be found in:

  • End City
  • Ruined Portal
  • Desert Pyramid.


  • Golden Mango: Resistance(2:00),  Absorption (2:00), Regeneration II (0:05)
  • Enchanted Golden Mango: Regeneration I (0:10), Absorption II (2:00), Resistance (3:00), Haste II (5:00), Strength(2:30)

New Helmet: Mango's Seed Helmet with Luck


  • This mod adds a new trade consisting in the exchange of 10 mangoes for 1 emerald with a price multiplier of 0.5

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