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Simple Hearts


This is a Forge 1.16 and 1.18 mod.


Simple Hearts is a Minecraft mod that adds survival friendly extra health into the game. There are 3 types of usable hearts to bump your health up. The first one is the Heart Piece. It increases your health by one heart but it goes away when you die. An upgrade from that would be the almighty Heart Container, which gives you an extra heart that you can keep forever. The catch is that there is a limit to how many you can have. The default limit for Heart Containers is 20 equipped. The last usable heart is the Eternal Heart, which is uncraftable and can only be found inside of underground bunkers that you can find in caves. They're very rare, and for good reason. Once equipped, you gain some temporary hearts (default is 4 hearts) and 2 permanent hearts that can bypass the Heart Container limit. 


Heart Pieces and Heart Containers are craftable. Heart Pieces are crafted with Rotten Hearts, which you mostly get from Zombies and Zombified Piglins. With Rotten Hearts you can also make Rotten Soup, which will take away a Heart Container when eaten.


Hearts in action:

Every heart is used here, and then I kill myself. As you can see, the Heart Piece and bonus hearts from the Eternal Heart disappeared while the 3 extra hearts from the Eternal Heart and Heart Container remained when I died.


Rotten Soup in action:

My singular heart container was evaporated when I used the Rotten Soup, and I also got some undesirable effects. The Rotten Soup does not take away Heart Pieces, those only go away when you die.



Rotten Soup:

Heart Piece:

Heart Container:


Eternal Hearts and where to find them:

Eternal Hearts are a godly type of Heart Container that give you 10 bonus hearts and 2 permanent hearts that bypass the Heart Container limit. For this reason, they're really hard to come by and can only be found in underground bunkers around the world. The underground bunkers spawn in cave systems and are very hard to find. To help aid you, here is a photo of what the inside looks like. Good luck, soldier.



 Rotten Hearts and where to find them:

Rotten Hearts are unusable hearts that you obtain mostly from killing Zombies or Zombified Piglins. You can also find them in underground bunker chests.


Commands & Additional Information:

The only command in this mod is the /wipeEXhearts command. All it does is wipe all of your extra health variables.

There is a configuration file that automatically generates. It's called simplehearts_config.json and can be found in the config directory of your game. When you open it, there will be options to change certain aspects of the mod.

"Version" is the version number of the config file. This is used to update the config in case new options get added in the future.

"MaxHeartContainers" sets the maximum amount of Heart Containers you can equip. The default is 20 hearts (40 health points). Go nuts.

"StartingHealthToggle" and "StartingHealth" set if you want a custom starting health value, and how much health you want.

"EternalHeartTemp" sets how many hearts you get from using an Eternal Heart. The default is 4 hearts (8 health points).


Mod Reviews:


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Feel free to suggest anything in the comments, or bring up an issue on Github if there's anything wrong. If you need to get into contact with me, my Discord is Mario#5063.