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Simple Diving Gear


What is it?

You ever try building something underwater? Rough, right? The constant drowning, the slowness of breaking blocks, the lack of movement and the expensiveness of Vanilla ways to deal with it. Now there's an easy, standalone way to deal with working underwater. Simple Diving Gear!


What does it do?

It adds a TWO suit of diving gear, with one optional upgrade each, and that's it!


As of 1.16.1, it now includes a lava version of the suit! Just replace Obsidian Blocks in the recipe, with Netherite Ingots


When wearing the suits outside of their respective liquids, you'll be slowed and have a hard time mining, as it's quite cumbersome. But when in them, it's a completely different story. You get the ability to swim in place, quickly and reliably. You can break blocks at a more normal speed, and of course you can breathe underwater.


More Screenshots:

Front and back looks:


Slowness and fatigue out of water:


Water breathing and more, under water. With optional lighting upgrade!


How does it work?

It applys potion effects and enchantments while in the water, and removes them when you leave it.


How to craft things?






Version 1.0.0!:


Adds Diving Suit with one optional upgrade.

Adds crafting recipes

Adds creative tab to put them on.




Support for Simplified Chinese 「简体中文(中国)」language file (zh_cn.lang)

Translation courtesy of: city_sands.




Error kicking players wearing the suit on a server.




Continuously falling through world when wearing armor and switching to spectator mode.

Remaining in flying mode if you removed armor underwater.

Re-implemented a working air breathing system similar to Subnautica's: Lose air while underwater until tank is empty (then go back to held breath), resurface to refill on air.



Updated to Minecraft 1.13.2



Updated to Minecraft 1.14.4


1.1.1 / 2.0.2 / 3.0.2:

Fixed a bug where the tank would still drain air, even if you couldn't breath the air (wearing tank only)

Added GUI display of how much air is left, so you don't have to check the inventory (hover over item) to see it.



Fixed missing resources issue in Forge 28.1.37 and newer

Brought minimum Forge version up to recommended as of 10/15/2019 (Forge 28.1.0)



Support for Brazilian Portuguese | language file: pt_br.json

    Translation courtesy of K0ld#6374 on Discord

Support for French | language file: fr_fr.json

    Translation courtesy of soso61#0023 on Discord

Support for Japanese | language file: ja_jp.json

    Translation by me, may not be correct

Support for Persian | language file: fa_ir.json

    Translation by me, may not be correct



Updated to Minecraft 1.15.1



Updated to Minecraft 1.15.2

    Includes beta of a possibly to-be-added feature: Lava diving armor. Isn't craftable and item isn't textured, but should be at least semi-functional.





Updated to Minecraft 1.16.1

    Lava version of the armor should hopefully be working. Is crafted using Netherite Ingots in place of Obsidian Blocks.

    Should hopefully fix the 'Double cannot be cast as Float' bug

    Known Bug: Text on screen giving air time remaining currently not showing up. Rendering method has changed, and I haven't figured out the new one just yet.



Updated to Minecraft 1.16.5

    On-screen time remaining should be working like normal now

    Lava version of armor now has a "coolant" tank rather than an "air" tank, and now functions like the water version. You now lose fire resistance when the "coolant" tank is empty!



Updated to Minecraft 1.17.1



    Fixed broken render fog when in lava, and fixed air bubble rendering to be in line with previous version


    Updated to 1.18


    Updated to 1.19


    Updated to 1.19.2 with the contribution by Mrbysco


How to install:

1.12.2: Requires Minecraft Forge or newer; just drop into the mods folder

1.13.2: Requires Minecraft Forge 25.0.219 or newer; just drop into the mods folder.

1.14.4: Requires Minecraft Forge 28.1.0 or newer; just drop into the mods folder.

1.15.2: Requires Minecraft Forge 31.1.0 or newer; just drop into the mods folder.

1.16.5: Requires Minecraft Forge 36.2.0 or newer; just drop into the mods folder.

1.17.1: Requires Minecraft Forge 37.0.70 or newer; just drop into the mods folder.

1.18.X Requires Minecraft Forge 39.1.0 or newer; just drop into the mods folder.

1.19.X Requires Minecraft Forge XX.XX.XX or newer; just drop into the mods folder.

1.19.2 Requires Minecraft Forge 43.1.1 or newer; just drop into the mods folder.



1.19, or newer only.


Will you make a Fab- 

No, I have no interest in using my free time to play around with Fabric.

You're more than welcome to port it to Fabric yourself; I'll even host it on this page for everyone, if you want.



Do whatever you want. :)


All code was written, and all textures made by me (using the vanilla textures). Sooouu... It's completely open source! Anyone can feel free to download and modify and redistribute as they see fit. Source can be found here.


Want to reach me?

Want to ask a question, request a feature, submit a bug report, or just talk to me?

Have I not checked this page, the Minecraft Forum or GitHub in awhile?

Feel free to join my discord channel and say hello.


Can I support you, so you can continue making cool mods?

If you'd like. I have a Patreon. There's also a donate button right here on this page.