Simple Discord Link Bot [Forge/Fabric]

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File Details

Filename SimpleDiscordLink-Fabric-1.17.x-1.1.jar
Uploaded by hypherionsa
Uploaded Dec 16, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1   +1
Size 16.68 MB
Downloads 16
MD5 e28ae2ae6835c24432806168175e69a2
Supported Java Versions
Java 16
Supported Minecraft 1.17 Versions


Requires Fabric API

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Advancements being spammed to chat (Fabric)
  • Fixed advancement chat config being ignored
  • Fixed an issue where the bot would leave the server hanging on shutdown


  • Command relays now longer include the arguments of the command. Only the name of the command that was executed. This protects sensitive commands like /login

New Stuff:

  • Added a config option to limit whitelisting to admins only
  • Added a channel topic update feature (updates every 10 minutes, due to discord limitations)
  • Added a link feature to allow players to link their Minecraft and Discord accounts
  • Added in-game/discord command for server staff to view linked accounts
  • Added an in-game discord command to send a pre-configured discord invite link
  • Added an Admin only server stop command
  • Added an Admin only Server Status command

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