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note: this is a mod that requires geckolib.

Welcome to Animated Quarries: Elevate Your Resource Gathering Experience.


Are you looking to optimize your mining endeavors in a manner that respects the intrinsic balance of the game?

Animated Quarries provides a sophisticated yet intuitive approach to automated ore extraction.


Progressive Tier System:
Begin your journey with a Simple Quarry and progressively unlock more advanced tiers, each offering increased efficiency and speed.


Chunk-Based Efficiency:
Our quarries are designed to operate optimally by analyzing the ore content within a given chunk. This ensures resource-focused mining, minimizing the extraction of undesired materials.


Level-Dependent Functionality:
As you advance in your gameplay, your quarry evolves in its operational capabilities. Higher-level quarries offer faster ore extraction rates, enhancing your overall productivity. You may also choose between a few upgrades to use in your adventure.


Animated Quarries emphasizes sustainability as a challenge. Each quarry's lifespan and efficiency are directly correlated with the tier and upgrade amount, following logarithmic and organic ratios.


Vanilla+ Compatibility:
The mod is designed to integrate into vanilla Minecraft, enriching your gameplay experience without disrupting the established mechanics.


Experience the next level of automated mining with Animated Quarries.


Crafting Recipes for,

Drill Bit, Level 1, 2 & 3 Quarry, Essence of Fortune, Autosmelter Module, Range Upgrade

Crafting Recipes