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Silky Spawners - Collect Mob Spawners with Silk Touch!


This is a simple mod that allows you to break and collect Mob Spawners with any Pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch.

This was an idea originally created by mushroomhostage & xgh0stkillerx and their SilkSpawners plugin for Bukkit.


Why would I need this mod?

  • If you want to be able to collect Mob Spawners with Silk Touch pickaxes.
  • It is simple and adds a feature that should already be in Minecraft (but isn't).



Frequently Asked Questions


"Can I use this mod in my modpack?"
- Yes! Of course! Just please leave me some credit in your description or permissions file :)




Silky Pickaxes, updates and bug-fixes will always be free! But if you want to chip in and support me as a creator- you may!

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