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This mod is no longer actively developed and is obsolete.

Doesn't it bother you that Biomes o' Plenty are missing signs even though vanilla already has signs for each of the wood type?
Fret no more! This simple addon mod adds signs for all 11 wood types! Version 1.17.1+ supports Glow Ink Sac for glowing text!

Requires the base mod Biomes o' Plenty
Note: As of BoP mod version, this mod is no longer needed! However, this mod shall be kept for archival purposes and if you need the signs for 1.16.5 and 1.17.1.


What is the purpose of this mod?
Obviously, to add the missing signs to the highly popular Biomes o' Plenty. It bothered me how the BoP mod is still missing signs so it had to be done and ta-da!

Will there be 1.12.2 version?

No! That version is too old and I do not wish to perpetuate the older version. By not backporting, it will help to gradually phase out Minecraft 1.12.2 in favour for newer Minecraft versions.

Will there be Fabric port?
Again, NO! Also, Biomes o' Plenty is strictly for Forge only and Fabric is considered to be less popular.

Can I include this in my modpack?
Yes! You may include this addon in a modpack that has Biomes o' Plenty.