Showcase Mod

53,117 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 1, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


This mod allows users to create personnal shop and earn money even when offline. It also allows administrators to create shops with an infinite supply.


The mod is compatible with The One Probe and will show the price of the sold item without having to click on it. It is also possible to automate the extraction/insertion of items.


TODO List:

  • Make the mod compatible with most economy mods/plugins
  • Much more...



If you want to share the mod, You need a written permission from the author (myself) ! You can do a YouTube video, at the only condition of giving a link to this page in the description, and sharing it here, so I can see it.You can use the mod freely, and put it in every modpack you want but you must give me credits, with a link to this page. Also, don't lie about being the authour of this mod, you won't get anything from that except to lose credibility. Minecraft is owned by MOJANG, and I do no take any credits for the game, only for the modification I made for it.


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