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SPC-Teams replaces the old FTBTeams and ScoreBoardTeam implementations.


/spc_teams create <teamId> [displayName]
/spc_teams rename <displayName>
/spc_teams invite <online_player>
/spc_teams accept
/spc_teams leave
/spc_teams kick <online_player>
/spc_teams promote <online_player>
/spc_teams demote <online_player>
/spc_teams transfer <online_player>
/spc_teams disband
/spc_teams teams
/spc_teams info [teamId]


/spc_teams_sysadmin create <teamId> [displayName]
/spc_teams_sysadmin rename <teamId> <displayName>
/spc_teams_sysadmin kick <online_player> inform <true|false>
/spc_teams_sysadmin add <teamId> <online_player> force <true|false>
/spc_teams_sysadmin transfer <teamId> <online_player> force <true|false>
/spc_teams_sysadmin disband <teamId>


/to-team <message>


Note1: teamId only supports the following characters: a-z 0-9 _.-
Note2: displayName must be formatted as json. eg. {"text":"Alpha Team Uno"}
Note3: force adding/transferring will kick the player from their current team first