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Filename shetiphiancore-1.17-3.9.2.jar
Uploaded by ShetiPhian
Uploaded Jan 10, 2022
Game Version 1.17.1   +1
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- Fixed server error due to missing command argument type registration




This is marked as a Beta to prevent automatic upgrades.
If your also using EnderTanks or EnderChests, make a backup and read everything bellow.


Implemented a team system replacing the old ScoreBoardTeam implementation
If available ScoreboardTeams will be imported (all members will be managers, and the team will have no leader, and admin will need to assign one with the transfer command)
Due to the importing EnderTanks and EnderChests should seamlessly just work, but make a world backup just in case something goes wrong, this way you can restore the previous build until a fix is made.


/spc_teams create <teamId> [displayName]
/spc_teams rename <displayName>
/spc_teams invite <online_player>
/spc_teams accept
/spc_teams leave
/spc_teams kick <online_player>
/spc_teams promote <online_player>
/spc_teams demote <online_player>
/spc_teams transfer <online_player>
/spc_teams disband
/spc_teams teams
/spc_teams info [teamId]


/spc_teams_sysadmin create <teamId> [displayName]
/spc_teams_sysadmin rename <teamId> <displayName>
/spc_teams_sysadmin kick <online_player> inform <true|false>
/spc_teams_sysadmin add <teamId> <online_player> force <true|false>
/spc_teams_sysadmin transfer <teamId> <online_player> force <true|false>
/spc_teams_sysadmin disband <teamId>


/to-team <message>


Note1: teamId only supports the following characters: a-z 0-9 _.-
Note2: displayName must be formatted as json. eg. {"text":"Alpha Team Uno"}
Note3: force adding/transferring will kick the player from their current team first