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57.6M Downloads Updated Jan 3, 2021 Created Oct 17, 2015

FTB Utilities is a mod by LatvianModder. It aims to provide several useful utilities within...

20.4M Downloads Updated May 9, 2021 Created Apr 5, 2016

Corail Tombstone is a minecraft mod preventing you from losing your items on death by...

15.3M Downloads Updated Mar 28, 2021 Created Sep 9, 2017

A mod based around food that rewards the player instead of punishing them for discovering...

20.7M Downloads Updated Mar 20, 2019 Created Aug 8, 2014

Adds a ton more structure generation, dungeons, and randomized loot - Fully customizable

17M Downloads Updated Feb 24, 2021 Created Jan 16, 2017

Be In Control of mob spawns

31.8M Downloads Updated Jun 9, 2019 Created Jul 2, 2016

Main Library for The Acronym Coders Mod Projects

13.4M Downloads Updated Mar 23, 2021 Created Mar 3, 2018

Questing Mod by FTB

7.1M Downloads Updated May 5, 2021 Created Jul 21, 2018

Copy structures, paste structures, manipulate structures (100% GUI)

5.3M Downloads Updated May 9, 2021 Created Nov 19, 2015

Edit recipes, add new custom items, script world events, all in JavaScript!

12M Downloads Updated Mar 21, 2021 Created May 28, 2017

An API for adding stages, for modpacks and other mods to use!

26.8M Downloads Updated Mar 9, 2019 Created May 9, 2016

ModPack Utilities making Developer lives simpler by making player experience better

3.1M Downloads Updated Mar 23, 2021 Created Feb 18, 2019

A mod that allows you to claim chunks to protect your blocks and view minimap...

20.1M Downloads Updated Oct 3, 2020 Created Nov 17, 2014

IT DOES BACKUPS!!! (Works in SSP and SMP)

15.9M Downloads Updated Jan 9, 2021 Created Oct 16, 2015

Allows you to add Items and Blocks

14M Downloads Updated Apr 20, 2021 Created Nov 14, 2014

In-game Minecraft map editor - build bigger things more quickly!

3.2M Downloads Updated Apr 8, 2021 Created May 27, 2020

Harvest multiple blocks at once

18M Downloads Updated Nov 28, 2020 Created Apr 10, 2016

Chunk load all the chunks with the power of chicken!

4.5M Downloads Updated May 9, 2021 Created Dec 8, 2019

Lag begone! Increases Performance, less entity lag less rubberbanding, more players on the server


  By   Iucko
1.8M Downloads Updated Mar 20, 2021 Created Feb 6, 2020

spark is a performance profiling plugin/mod for Minecraft clients, servers and proxies.

22.1M Downloads Updated Mar 12, 2019 Created Jun 5, 2016

MPUtil Expansion: Gives modpack developers basic tools to improve a modpack