Sentimentality - Tweaks - Depreciated

418 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 17, 2020 Game Version: 1.14.4

This is just the mod file for minor changes made to Minecraft by Sentimentality. Mostly adds recipes but also adds a charcoal block that burns for the same time as a coal block and a way to turn flesh into leather at a 4/1 ratio.


Recipes added:



Dye wool X8


4x Brown Mushroom = Brown Mush block

Brown Mushroom Block


4x Flesh = 1 Fleather 


Fleather in a Smoker = Leather


Red Mushroom X4 = Red Mushroom Block

Red Mushroom Block


Blaze Powder X2 = Blaze RodBlaze Rod recraft


Chain Helm


Chain Chest


Chain Pants


Chain Boots


Charcoal Block


Reverse Charcoal Block


Bulk Chests


Uncraft Quartz


Uncraft Wart Blocks


Quartz Pillar -> Chiseled Quartz


Chiseled Quartz -> Quartz Block


Uncraft Clay Block


Melt any item into one of it's base materials. (ONLY WORKS IN BLAST FURNACE. Normal Furnace will only give you a nugget and won't work for diamond at all.)


Craftable Horse armor (ACCEPTS ALL WOOL)


Craftable Nametags


Craftable Saddle



 Additionally, adds all wood craftables to the Stonecutter. It cuts stone with a tablesaw, why not wood?



For more additions, check here


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