Security Craft

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Filename [1.18.2] SecurityCraft v1.9.4.jar
Uploaded by bl4ckscor3
Uploaded Nov 28, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +2
Size 3.11 MB
Downloads 47,129
MD5 1933135680bc4762a3699abf6722c623
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Supported Java Versions
Java 17
Supported Minecraft 1.18 Versions


- New: Japanese translation (Thanks momo-i!)
- New: ProjectE support (all reinforced blocks now have an EMC value)
- New: Taser effects and damage are now configurable
- New: The Block Change Detector can now show highlights in the world, marking where it detected block changes
- New: Ability to change a block pocket's outline color
- New: The I.M.S. is now waterloggable
- New: Scrolling in the SecurityCraft Manual while holding the control key will now scroll through subpages (if any exist)
- New: Rift Stabilizer, a block that detects and prevents teleportation attempts in its vicinity
- New: Display Case. Securely display your items
- New: Glow Display Case
- Change: The Laser Block now needs a Redstone Module in order to emit a redstone signal when someone walks through the laser
- Change: Most of SecurityCraft's screens are now no longer pausing the game when open, and can now be closed with the "Open/Close Inventory" key
- Change: Made Fake Water's damage equivalent to lava damage
- API: Changed LinkedAction to an interface and the enum values to records for easier usability
- API: Several methods in LinkableBlockEntity were changed to account for the LinkedAction change
- API: LinkedAction has been renamed to ILinkedAction
- API: Changes to ICodebreakable and IPasswordProtected to cut down on duplicate code and make them easier and more clear to use
- Fix: Nether portals can replace reinforced blocks when generating
- Fix: Crash when trying to disguise a block as/project some blocks that don't always have a block entity associated with them
- Fix: Can't place blocks on blocks locked by a Sonic Security System
- Fix: Interacting with blocks while holding a Sonic Security System may sometimes place it for a short while
- Fix: A Sentry's name does not show in the Sentry Remote Access Tool
- Fix: Mobs can spawn on reinforced ice and reinforced iron trapdoors
- Fix: Sentry bullets can remove item frames
- Fix: Block Pocket Manager's size button and offset slider are available to non-owners
- Fix: Password-protected furnaces close even if some players still have it open
- Fix: Tooltips in some screens can overlap when tabbing through buttons while hovering over other areas that show a tooltip
- Fix: The Harming Module does not work when a Laser Block is powered
- Fix: The Sonic Security System has no placing sound
- Fix: Several issues in various language files
- Fix: Some reinforced blocks can be destroyed by unintended vanilla means
- Fix: Option tooltips do not update with the new value when the option is changed
- Fix: Potion particles are visible when being in Fake Lava
- Fix: Block entities of reinforced stairs don't get properly removed when the block is broken, leading to inteaction issues with other blocks placed in the same block space
- Fix: Grass can grow under disguised blocks when it shouldn't
- Fix: Briefcase and Disguise Module item duplication
- Removed: Finnish translation due to being outdated and incomplete
- Misc: The minimum required Forge version is now 40.1.84

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