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Filename [1.17.1] SecurityCraft v1.9.2.jar
Uploaded by bl4ckscor3
Uploaded Jun 7, 2022
Game Version 1.17.1   +2
Size 2.94 MB
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MD5 df3be5705ac7e8f9b5b0b6fa15851e73
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Java 16
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Note: If you have disabled the codebreaker, you need to re-disable it by setting the config option `codebreaker_chance` to either `0.0` (will still damage the item with no chance of breaking the code) or `-1.0` (will not damage the item).

 - New: Block Change Detector. Detects and logs players breaking and/or placing blocks in its vicinity
- New: Codebreakers can now hack Keycard Readers
- New: Item tag "securitycraft:can_interact_with_doors" to control which items can interact with reinforced doors, scanner doors, keypad doors, and reinforced iron trapdoors
- New: Item tag "securitycraft:modules", containing all of SecurityCraft's modules
- New: Config option "codebreaker_chance" to set the chance of the codebreaker successfully hacking a block
- New: The Allowlist and Denylist Module can now contain teams, meaning every player on a team that is on the list will be allowed/denied
- New: Modules can now be toggled off or on without removing them from the block, by clicking the respective button in the Universal Block Modifier screen
- New: Reinforced End Rod
- New: Reinforced Glazed Terracotta
- New: The Projector can now be placed on the ceiling, allowing for downwards projection
- New: All disguisable blocks (those that accept the Disguise Module) are now waterloggable, allowing for waterlogged disguises
- Change: Codebreakers will now always open briefcases when in Creative mode without a chance of failing
- Change: The Sentry's body is now solid if the sentry is not disguised
- Change: The Fake Lava/Water Buckets are now created in a brewing stand, by putting the potion in the top slot, and the bucket(s) in the bottom slot(s)
- Change: Sentries can now be placed in water
- Change: Massively increased explosion resistance of all blocks to hopefully prevent them from being broken by modded explosions
- Change: Placing a Laser Block and Inventory Scanner now also places the fields if replaceable blocks (like grass or snow) are in the way
- API: Split IPasswordProtected into two interfaces (IPasswordProtected and ICodebreakable), meaning blocks can now be hacked by the codebreaker without needing to be password protected
- API: Removed IPasswordProtected#isCodebreakable
- API: New linked action: OWNER_CHANGED
- Fix: The recipe for reinforced glass panes is incorrect
- Fix: Breaking the block another block with modules is attached to does not drop the modules
- Fix: Compatibility issues with other mods that add overlays (e.g. Stylish Effects)
- Fix: Some logs have an incorrect side texture
- Fix: Reinforced Iron Trapdoor textures do not rotate and aren't oriented the same way open as closed
- Fix: Reinforced Ice blocks melt unintentionally
- Fix: Disguised blocks from sentries can be retrieved by using pistons or other means
- Fix: The Admin Tool and Universal Key Changer do not work on doors
- Fix: The Keypad Door can only be accessed with an empty hand
- Fix: Several blocks do not respect team ownership
- Fix: Server crash involving automatically building a Block Pocket
- Fix: Tricking scanners with player heads does not work if the player head owner is on the allowlist of the block
- Fix: The Password-protected Furnace/Smoker/Blast Furnace don't have a closing sound
- Fix: When placing a Password-protected Chest next to another one creating a double chest, modules and options are not synchronized to the newly placed one
- Fix: The Reinforced Cobweb can be removed by flowing fluids
- Fix: The Reinforced Cobweb can be destroyed by hand as well as explosions
- Fix: Disguisable blocks that are disguised as blocks that emit light (e.g. Glowstone) don't emit light
- Fix: The Motion Activated Light is constantly turned on when placed near a Sentry or armor stand
- Fix: Prohibited items get removed from an Inventory Scanner if a Storage Module is added/removed
- Fix: Changing the owner of an Inventory Scanner doesn't change the owner of the corresponding fields
- Fix: Taking out modules from some blocks voids the module
- Fix: Changing the owner of a double Password-protected Chest does not change the owner of the other half
- Fix: Changing the owner of a Laser Block does not change the owner of connected laser blocks
- Fix: Adding a module to a Laser Block by rightclicking the block does not add the module to connected laser blocks
- Fix: Module dupe involving doors
- Fix: It's possible to connect one's own Password-protected Chest to that of another owner
- Fix: Players hear a constant fire extinguishing sound when being in fake lava while it's raining
- Fix: Alarm sound plays from the player's position instead of the alarm's position
- Removed: Some unnecessary menu types. This may result in a "missing registry entries" message showing up, which can be accepted
- Removed: "allowCodebreakerItem" config option. Disabling the Codebreaker is now achieveable by setting "codebreaker_chance" to a negative value
- Misc.: More texture and model changes

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