Security Craft

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Filename [1.18.2] SecurityCraft v1.9.1.jar
Uploaded by bl4ckscor3
Uploaded Mar 17, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +2
Size 2.78 MB
Downloads 676,662
MD5 1e3c9e8764453461c196672bd39f52c2
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Java 17
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- New: Password-protected Smoker and Password-protected Blast Furnace
- New: Smoker and Blast Furnace mines
- New: The Disguise Module and Projector can now be set to display a specific state of a block (e.g. corner stairs), instead of a fixed one
- Change: The Password-protected Furnace now has a new look
- Change: The Cage Trap is now reusable
- Change: The Admin Tool is now enabled by default. This does not affect existing config files
- Fix: Cannot access the recipe book for the Password-protected Furnace
- Fix: The Password-protected Furnace is not shown as a recipe catalyst for furnace recipes in JEI
- Fix: Changing the owner of inventory scanners and doors does not change the owner of the other block/door half
- Fix: Projecting disguisable blocks (those that support the disguise module) does not work
- Fix: Crash when trying to place a door one block below the build height
- Fix: Door item gets removed when trying to place a door outside the build height
- Fix: Some blocks' settings/inventory don't properly save
- Fix: Fake Water/Lava bucket fill sounds don't play
- Fix: Disguising blocks using certain blocks with block entity renderers (like signs and banners) doesn't work
- Fix: It's possible to jump over disguisable blocks that are disguised as fences or walls
- Fix: Attempting to put more than one item into the Projector's slot swallows extra items
- Fix: Sentries can target entities they cannot see
- Fix: The Sentry's bounding box (F3+B) is not displayed correctly
- Fix: The patron list in the SecurityCraft Manual is only capable of showing 33 patrons
- Fix: Patron name tooltips in the SecurityCraft Manual can extend over the border of the Minecraft window
- Fix: The Codebreaker does not work on keypad doors
- Fix: The Mine Remote Access Tool does not work for mines placed at x=0, y=0, z=0
- Fix: The Sentry Remote Access Tool does not work for sentries placed at y=0
- Fix: The Portable Tune Player plays the saved tune slightly slower than the Sonic Security System
- Fix: Navigating the SecurityCraft Manual via the tab key does not visibly select any button
- Fix: Block mines do not drop themselves when mined
- Fix: Block mines cannot be mined quickly with the appropriate tool of their vanilla counterpart
- Fix: The mine overlay on the Ancient Debris Mine item can be seen by other players when holding the item
- Fix: Removing a laser field with the Universal Block Remover does not destroy adjacent laser fields
- Fix: Crash when placing a Sonic Security System inside of any replaceable block
- Fix: Sentries ignore the Allowlist Module's "Affect every player" setting
- Misc.: More texture changes and file renames, resource packs may need to be updated

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