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State-of-the-art cryptography to protect your world seed against seed cracking tools.


This mod is written for the Fabric Mod Loader. If you have advanced knowledge on coding Spigot plugins, help with porting this to Spigot would be greatly appreciated.


How does it work?
1. Increased the number of bits in the world seed from 64 to 1024. Although cracking a 64-bit seed with the other anti-seed-cracking measures is likely infeasible at the moment without access to a huge datacenter, we cannot rule out this possibility from the future, 1024 bits is likely to be safe for a *very* long time.
2. Changed the random number generators from LCGs (and the homebrew RNG in the biome generator) to a fast cryptographically secure RNG based on the BLAKE2 secure hashing algorithm. This has a minor negative impact on performance of world gen, but ensures that players cannot derive any information about the world other than the blocks they can already see.
3. Changed local seeding formulas throughout the world generator to a more secure "concatenation" approach enabled by the cryptographically secure RNG. The secureness of the RNG ensures that this concatenation cannot feasibly be derived from the outputs of the RNG, and that there are no weird links that can be exploited between the way different chunks and structures generate in the world.