SCP: Overtime

125,525 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 2, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5  




° About :

SCP: Overtime is a mod for 1.16.5 that adds tons of SCPs into Minecraft as a tribute to the SCP Community as a whole. The mod is a rebrand of (SCP:XK UnityAddon) that is currently being rewritten, turning the mod from Mcreator to actual Java coding. For now we’ll be posting the concept builds here for the near future. If you want the current test build for the Java builds consider checking our DISCORD!





° Features :



86243AR-001 [The Prototype] by Dr Gears
017 [Shadow Person] by CityToast
029 ⁠[Daughter of Shadows] By AdminBright
035 [Possessive Mask] By Kain Pathos Crow
049 [Plague Doctor](Containment Breach,Unity) by djkaktus , Gabriel Jade
058 [Heart of Darkness] by Unknown Author
066 [Eric's Toy] by Akumeoy
073 [Cain] by Kain Pathos Crow
075 ⁠[Corrosive Snail] By Aelanna, Unknown Author
076 [Able] by Dr.Clef, Kain Pathos Crow
080 [Dark Form] by Ryebox
082 [Fernand the Cannibal] by Fritzwillie
096 [The Shy Guy] By Dr Dan
106 [The Old Man](Containment Breach,Unity) by Dr.Gears
131 [The “Eye Pods”] by Unknown Author
173 [The Sculpture](Original,Unity,BoroCG,Pandemic,FragmentedMinds,DaughterShadow) by Moto42
191 [Cyborg Child] by Dr.Clef,Sylocat
207 [Cola Bottles] By Aeish
280 [Eyes in the Dark] by Dr Gears
303 [The Doorman] by Ajalkaline
323 [Wendigo Skull] by Wilt
372 [Peripheral Jumper] by Sylocat
387 ⁠[Living Lego] By Archfeared
420-J ⁠[The Best ████ in the World] By Quikngruvn
457 [Burning Man] by Dr.Right
500 [Panacea] By Snorlison
513 [A Cowbell] By Beefwit
575 [Predatory Darkness] by Dr Gears
650 [Startling Statue] by Dr Talson
682 [Hard-to-Destroy Reptile] by Dr.Gears, Epic Phail Spy
714 [The Jaded Ring] by Arcalane
743 [A Chocolate Fountain] by Quikngruvn
745 [The Headlights] by Dr. Sorts
789-J ⁠[the butt ghost!!] by faminepulse, Salman Corbette
772 ⁠[Giant Parasitoid Wasps] By Phelan Velvel
835-JP ⁠[Keteru Yamiko] By home-watch
895 [Camera Disruption] by Aelenna
939 [With Many Voices](Containment Breach,Unity) by Adam Smascher, EchoFourDelta

999 [The Tickle Monster](Original,Fanart) by ProfSnider
1025 [Encyclopedia of Diseases] By Lasergoose
1145 ⁠[Nagasaki Teddy] By Lucavex Ayanami
1499 [The Gas Mask] By Trasknari
1529 ⁠[King of the Mountain] By Smapti
1762 ⁠[Where The Dragons Went] By OZ Ouroboros
2490 ⁠[Chaos Insurgency Special Operative Alpha-19] By A Random Day
2761 ⁠[Bananazilla] By OZ Ouroboros
2845 [THE DEER] by Djoric


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