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Welcome to the Scape and Run: Parasite mod

This mod adds hostile parasite-themed mobs to your Minecraft game for you to fight,
they can be dangerous, scary and some of them can learn from their fights to evolve.

They have no biome specific spawn, so you can find them anywhere.
The parasites don't burn in daylight and they can attack other hostile mobs (optional).

Mob Information:

Assimilated Cow
-One of the Vanilla parasite victims, when killed you may find what was inside

Assimilated Big Spider
-Unknown origin, one of the parasite victims able to shoot web missiles.

Assimilated Human
-Living individuals controlled by a parasite who hunt along the creatures they once fought. .

Assimilated Sheep
-One of the Vanilla parasite victims, when killed you may find what was inside.

Assimilated Wolf
-One of the Vanilla parasite victims, when killed you may find what was inside.

-Insect-like creatures, these can be found inside infected victims.

-Insect-like creatures, these can infect cows, sheeps and wolfs and make them fight for their cause.

Heavy Carrier
A big, slow creature with a large health bar. It may explode spontaneously to release additional minions which are immune to poison.

Flying Carrier
A small, flying creature. It may explode spontaneously to release additional minions which are immune to poison.

-These are built for territory defense purposes so you will only find them on infected terrain

The Longarms Branch

The Reeker Branch
-Fast and able to poison its victims, these are known for their mobility and high damage

The Summoner Branch
-These can summon reinforcements so it is a good idea to take them out first

The Yelloweye Branch
-Flying creatures able to shoot poison missiles.

The Manducater Branch
-These like to go invisible so be quiet, you may hear them

The Bolster Branch
-Known for their ability to buff nearby parasites, the Bolsters are the supporters of the faction

Ancient Dreadnaut
-A massive flying parasite

Ancient Overlord
-A massive walking parasite


Reinforcement System:

When a parasite is killed, there is a chance for it to call reinforcements, this means that a Beckon will spawn nearby and will help in the fight. The Beckon has different stages and that will tell how many and which parasites it will spawn. You can change the Beckon mob spawning in the configuration file

The beckons also have the ability to infest nearby blocks, infested blocks can damage all mobs other than the parasite faction, you can change values like "maximum block hardness to infest block", "light level to spread to other block" and more in the configuration file.

Merge System:

The infected have the ability to learn from their battles and if the conditions are met, they will start to melt until they're some Moving Flesh.
If 2 of these things meet, they will fuse together and grow, if they get big enough they will spawn a primitive mob (with half his total health) (Infected Dorpa is the only one that will not melt).

Conditions for the infected to turn into Moving Flesh:

-The first condition: the infected needs to reach the primitive killcount..
-The second condition: it needs to be next to 3 more infected, regardless of their killcount/specie OR it needs to be next to a Moving Flesh.
If the infected with the killcount is next to atleast 3 more infected, the four of them will start to melt BUT if it is next to a Moving flesh, only it will start to melt.


Up to date review, thanks to Crimson Gaming:

I am very grateful to textConjure for reviewing my mod, you can watch it here:

I would also recommend watching these reviews:

Looking for a resource pack?

Look no further, here's a great one from @ArdiPINK (higher resolution - x32)


Looking for a modpack? Try this one, made by us:




Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com/

  • @MoonlitLamps for some of the mob textures
  • @Skarrier for some of the mob textures
  • @Pecora for some of the mob textures
  • @Vinni for the textures of items:




  • @Rotch Gwylt for some of the sound effects:




For those who are asking for a port of the mod, sorry, I want to finish the mod first in 1.12.2

There will be a port eventually, but not now



If you share the mod, make sure to do it by referencing this page.

Feel free to add the mod to your modpack

If you want to know more about the mod, you can now join the discord https://discord.gg/WPuhKDU