2,954,570 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 26, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Depends on FTBLib and requires at least one mod to provide the RF API.

For 1.12.2 it depends on FTBLib, Redstone Flux, and LibrarianLib.

Ever wanted to scan void chunks? Sure you did.

Ever wanted to actually find terrain? Sure you did!

Ever wanted to find ores from the void? SURE YOU DID!

Now with extra biomeness!

Add mod ores (MT/CT support):

mods.scanner.Scanner.addRecipe(<minecraft:diamond_block>, 50, 0, 32);

where <minecraft:diamond_block> is the ore, 50 is its rarity (one in fifty blocks will have a diamond block), 0 is the minimum Y level, and 32 is the maximum Y level.



YouTube (not used): Eladk

Discord: Eladkay#1090

Reddit: eladkr85


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