Handheld piston gives you the ability to use a piston as an item. Allowing easy movement of blocks, machines, and even entities. Comes with advanced features such as sticky piston to pull blocks, advanced mode to push/pull based on click direction, and self mode that allows jumping around.


Dev Demo Video


Pistons only works on 1 block at the moment due to how its implement. This will be changed in the future to allow power scaling of the item to push several blocks at at time.


Basic version

The basic piston works just like a normal piston with a few additional features. While in all mode you can push blocks, and entities. This is done by clicking the face of the block to push it around. Entities can be pushed in the same way and follow cardinal directions for movement. Which can be useful for puzzle games or getting mobs unstuck from corners. 


Sticky Version [WIP]

This works exactly the same as the basic version but inverted. So instead of pushing things it will pull things towards the player. Very useful for getting blocks out of corners or breaking down a wall.


Advanced Version

This is an upgrade/combination of the above two options. It allows specific control over how the block is moved to give the most utility possible. When clicking the face of the block the side of the face clicked will define the movement. If you click the top of the block and its north most edge the block will move northing. If you click the center the block will move forward, if you click any corner the block will move backwards. 



The mod features a simple API to allow other mods to hook into the logic. This allows fixing movement of blocks, blocking tiles from being movement, or adding additional features as needed. We also offer some internal support to improve functionality. Such as special support for chests to allow movement and handling for jukeboxes to ensure they continue playing after moved. 


Single Block Mod

The Single Block Mod series is dedicated to creating a wide range of simple single purpose mods. Focusing for most on having one block/unit of content refined to offer as many options and choices as possible. This makes many of the mods in the series perfect for filling gaps in modpacks. Allowing pack developers to reduce the need to include larger mods to complete a feature list. 


Contact its_meow

My website: https://itsmeow.dev/

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zrjXjP5


Issues or bugs

If you have any issues please report them to our issue tracker on Github.com. You can get to the issue tracker by clicking the issue button at the top of the mod page. If you have a crash report please paste it into a site like pastebin.com before submitting to improve readability of the issue ticket.