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 Keeping it short here, it's not meant to be an attractive page ^-^


For devs :

While developing our mods, we noticed many things we used a lot and were quite redundant, so we put them all into a lib we use for our different mods (most are currently unreleased, some might get released later or stay private).


Some of these things include :

  • capabilities
  • packets (and syncing the above capabilities)
  • the usage of the Kotlin language
  • party (or "group") -related features (and hooking into them)
  • some other less-obvious little things

Using this lib provides an "easy" way to do the things mentioned above.

Anyone is free to use this lib, more information can be found on our gitlab readme.


Regarding issues, please head over to our issue tracker on gitlab.


For users :

The main feature for users is the Party feature.

To use it, you currently have to use the /pt command.

Use the saoui to display it.