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Hey everyone!


I decided to update the SAO UI mod by TheJackiMonster, as he stopped developing it (and other takeovers seem dead too...).


 Discord Server :

To celebrate for 20k downloads, we're opening the discord server to the public!

That is the place where you'll be able to test indev versions, and have a closer contact with the team (hoping for it not to get too spammy...)

One of our goals is to get some community members involved more, as well as get some more testing done on the mod before every release.

While the mod files available there will be early access, don't forget they're indev and can break things heavily (even though as it's a client-side mod, so it shouldn't be able to break your world or stuff like that).

 Anyway, welcome to anyone wanting to join the server!



What we currently added :

  • Fixed some bugs I found
  • Support for another UI layout (currently with HD textures thanks to Justice~)
  • Cleaned up some parts
  • Lots of options added to the ui
  • More things I forgot...
  • Fixed bug with players list (default TAB)
  • Added almost all the potionEffects (No icons for harm/instant_damage, confusion/nausea, digSlowDown/mining_fatigue (inCodeName/unlocalized_name))
  • The SAO theme is now HD
  • Options are now sorted in categories
  • Some other random bugfixes
  • Fix effects icons
  • Fix compatibility with other mods adding things to the UI
  • Other compatibility fixes
  • Few performance improvements
  • 1.7.10 backport is out!
  • Fixed UI modules being overridden by mods and minecraft, causing weird graphical glitches.
  • Improved the color tracking for entities to provide much greater coverage and performance improvements.
  • Fixed the death gui crash when attempting to click the button.
  • Added prevention methods for UI elements from the mod being overridden by other mods.
  • Added Default and Vanilla style hotbar options
  • Fix a ConcurrentModificationException bug with the sound
  • Greatly improved texture quality of the UI
  • 1.8.8 experimental port
  • An enormous amount of flipped tables, to Blaez's despair...
  • Tons of optimizations, code cleanups, little fixes, qol improvements, ...
  • Fixed the bug making some infos appear in the wrong tab (IG menu)
  • Fixed players not rendering the HP bar and crystal
  • New option: menus can now pause the game
  • New option: use a custom SAO-themed font
  • (last but not least...) Feature comeback: Socials! (friends and PT, no custom PMs yet, sowwyy ;_; ) -> these are still a bit experimental, as our small team couldn't test them to the fullest. Torture them, break them, and post issues here :D
1.4.1 (mc 1.8 only, testing build to check it's working well before next release on all versions) :
  • Fixed the commands system not working the way they should in some cases
  • Added a security check (so you can't intrude in parties anymore)
  • Completely rewrote the render code, providing performance increases and better compatibility
  • Added Boss health bar
  • Added Mount view and stats to character screen when riding a mount
  • Fixed a potential memory leak
  • Redone the menu listings
  • Added basic bauble support
  • New death particles
  • Item icons now appear on the SAO Inventory
  • Enchant effects are displayed on the slot for any item enchanted
  • Rewrote color states to be more dynamic as well as add methods for future api
  • Cleaned up events
  • Party invites fixed
  • New Aggro System
  • Infinate Scrolling of items in SAO Menu
  • Empty item subcategories wont appear anymore, making it easier to find stuff
  • UI now displayed air and mount jump (Only vanilla textures, but should be enough until the new UI is done)
  • Improved the SAO Font option
Planned (non-exhaustive list) :
  • admin-style ui for creative mode
  • make the ui open on drag down? (low priority)
  • fix the bugs (obviously)
  • more to come... (also please read comment pages before suggesting something, lots of suggestions have been done!)

Known bugs :

  • Health bars / cursors sometimes look weird with horses
  • Maps not displaying - 1.8.9 only
  • Certain conflicts with RenderPlayer (only caused by CustomNPC so far)Certain mobs not rendering health bars fully

Pictures :


Q: Is there a more immediate way to have my question answered if its not on this FAQ?

 A: Please Refer to the Appropriate Section in the Discord After Reading this Page to ensure you do not waste our time with questions that are already answered.


Q: Will you do a backport to minecraft version x?

A:Outside of the current versions, we do not plan to backport the mod to any earlier versions of minecraft. 


Q: Could you add items, equipment, ... like in the SAO anime/light novel?

A: No. This is a client-side mod, meaning anything having to do with items/blocks/entities/... can't be used. But I have another project regarding that ;)


Q: Could you add feature x?

A: As long as it doesn't break previous answer and it's a cool idea, sure.


Q: This mod crashes my server!

A: This is a client-side mod. Don't install it on a server.


Q: Can I add it to my modpack?

A: Sure, as long as you don't make money out of it, give credit to the team, and link back to the mod.


Q: I get a random crash/bug!

A: Please upload a log to pastebin if there is one (ie crash) or the details of the bug, how to reproduce it (and a picture would be perfect if it can be seen), and post links either in the Appropriate Discord Channel: or in the Comments Below


Team :

Blaez~ (Licoifi on the forums), main texture artist
Tencao (Tencao on the forums), dev
Bluexin (myself :p), dev
They're the ones you'll have to look for to get the "most official" info. But keep in mind lots of other people know lots of things about this mod/modding in general so make sure to consider what they're saying ;)


Retired Team Members:

Felphor (Felphor on the forums), texture artist
LordCruaver (CruaverVoidDrake on the forums), texture artist

Testers (forum names) :








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