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Salmon ore 

you can found it underground and when you cook it you can make strong weapons and other staff


Fossilized Salmon Ore 

It's a fuel like coal








Salmon Ingot

if you don't find any salmon ore underground you can craft it whit an ingot mold and salmon

note that the ingot mold don't disappear when you craft an ingot


Ingot Mold

It can be used to craft salmon ingot


Salmon Pickaxe

Faster than the iron one boh it only does 1 of damage


  Salmon Sword

It does more damage than the iron sword



Golden Salmon

when you eat it, it causes you a health boost 1



Melon Seed Sword

the only item that is not made with salmon

it does a lot of damage (more than the diamond sword)


Flint and salmon

It can be used to open a portal for the salmon dimension

is currently uncraftable because the mod it's a beta (:


Salmon Trower

It's gun that deals lots of damage (it's op)

is currently uncraftable








Block Of Ingot Of Salmon

a block made with salmon ingot

it can be used to open a portal of the salmon dimension

it can be uncraft


Block Of Salmon

a useless block (for decoration... maybe...)

it can be uncraft



Grass Of Salmon 

It's the grass that grows in the salmon dimension

...doesn't spread...


Log Of Salmon

The log of the salmon tree that grows in the salmon dimension

currently is in work because there isn't the sapling and it doesn't transform in planks


Leaves Of Salmon

the leaves of the same tree

they are currently bugged because they don't despawn after you broke the log








Liquid Salmon

the "water" in the salmon dimension







the mod is currently a beta and there are a lot of bugs and thinks not finished

- boss in the salmon dimension

- crafting for salmon gun and flint and salmon

- custom mobs in the dimension

- sapling for the tree

- planks, fences, stairs, slubs made with the log of salmon


Created and coded by Minettyx with help of


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