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Sa(N)ta(N), Yuletide of Madness aims to add to the game mobs and equipment themed around the Winter Holidays, with an horror twist to the theme




This mod requires Geckolib





Evil Snowman



It spawns at night in cold biomes. It isn't very fast but it's still a threat. It drops Snowballs and Snowflakes, that can be used to craft the mod's equipment. They can spawn in different variants: With or without Antlers and Santa Hat and with or without Lights


 Evil Elf



Fast and agile, it spawns at night in cold biomes. It drops Candy Fragments and Snowflakes. They can spawn in two variants: Red and Green




Gingerbread Man



Slow and powerful, it spawns at night in cold biomes. It can roll towards the player to quickly close distance and to flatten them with their mass. It drops Candy Fragments and Sugar




Candybar Greatsword



Crafted using Candy Clumps, that are crafted using Candy Fragments and Snowflakes



Candy Fragments

 Can be eaten, they give regeneration, haste and speed for a brief period. They are dropped by Elves and by Gingerbread men






More will be added in future updates, new mobs and equipment with special properties and abilities