This Project Started 4 Years ago as a Resource Pack however it was redeveloped into a Work in Progress mod Instead, I never Expected the Mod to Develop the Community it has Especially in the Last Year, Many Thanks to Everyone!


For those Unfamiliar with this Mod or Show in General this is RWBYM or RWBY Models for short.

A Mod Based off the Show RWBY, It has a lot to Offer Such as Unique Abilities, Hard Mobs and Plenty of Incredible and Interesting Weapons to Choose from with more and more being added

as Time permits.  I wish I could Guide you on the Journey your about to Embark on but it is one

You must Endure for Yourself.


Below you can Find our Discord to Add Feedback and Report Bugs Much Quicker as well as Reviews

Which Cover Most of the Need to Know features. Though JEI is Recommended just to help Learn.




Showcases by The True Gingershadow: 

Primary Developers:

Blaez - Project Director/Lead Artist

Pi man - Coder

 Laura Darkez - Modeller


 Emraldz ((Discord)) - Food Textures

HoneyLuck - Coder

FalcoGaming - Model

Kelco k22 - Art Assets

Bluexin - Original Code Base

        Graciee - NPC Skins                            

    Red Like Roses-Models and Outfit Skins

Yzasmine - Lieren volume 7 outfit

amaksa_shirou -Ozma/oscar outfits

Discord Contributors:


TwoTailGrimalkin - For Helping with patch notes and new grimm models

Taraa - For The Charm Art

Woofie - For the New Faunus Mutations