Runes of Wizardry - Classic Dusts Pack

305,913 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 23, 2018 Game Version: 1.10.2

This is an addon for Runes of Wizardry that adds the classic dusts and runes from The Runic Dust Mod


Short description of the Runes and Inscriptions added by this pack:


- Torch Rune: Spawn a torch
- Rune of the Rabbit Hole: Instant Hideout. Not the entrance to Wonderland
- Rune of Healing: Circle of Healing
- Rune of Lumber: Chops down trees.
- Rune of Fire: Creates a Flame that smelts items.
- Rune of Depths: Dig straight down
- Rune of Heights: Rises a pillar to the sky. If you break the highest block within a day, it will return to the ground.
- Rune of the Farm: Spawns a farm with random crops
- Rune of the Leaping Frog: A path of plants across a lake.
- Rune of Dawn: Shorten the night
- Rune of Dusk: Shorten the day
- Fire Trap Rune: Watch them burn
- Lightning Trap Rune: Wrath of Thor
- Poison Trap Rune: Poison doesn't kill?
- Rune of Detonation: Landmine
- Rune of Entrapment: Locks up nearby mobs and players
- Rune of Locked Time: Locks the day/night cycle and prevents blocks from falling
- Rune of the Void: Store your items in The Void
- Rune of the Barrier: Lifts a wall from the ground
- Rune of Wisdom: The Wise save their experiences
- Rune of Speed: Run like the wind
- Rune of Compression: Coal to Diamonds
- Rune of the Hellstorm: Summons a Rain of Fire and Death
- Rune of Rebirth: Capture a mob in an Egg
- Rune of Resurrection: Makes a mob rise from its drops
- Rune of Power Distribution: Distributes fuel to nearby runes
- Rune of Spawner Collection: Collect a spawner
- Rune of Spawner Reassignment: Use your spawn egg on a spawner instead.
- Rune of Teleportation: Teleports players to another Rune of Teleportation on its network.
- Rune of Transport: Teleports players to a Rune of Teleportation on its network
- Rune of the Fire Sprite: Summons a fire sprite to burn your enemies.
- Rune of the Earth Sprite: Summons an earth sprite that will protect you if you stop and crouch
- Rune of Bouncing: Magical trampoline!
- Rune of Music: Complete your Record collection.
- Rune of the Spirit Tools: Summons Spirit versions of your tools
- Enchanting Rune of the Fire Bow: For the pyromaniac archer
- Enchanting Rune of Silk Touch: When you want to break things, but just a little...
- Enchanting Rune of Fortune: Get ALL the diamonds
- Rune of Protection: Pushes back hostile mobs
- Rune of Level Earth: Flattens Terrain
- Rune of the Mountain: Lifts a mountain
- Rune of Sarlacc: Kills mobs for double XP, but destroys their drops



- Leap: Launch Forward
- Leap II: Launch Forward, Jump Higher
- Return: Go Home
- Void: Stores picked up items in the void
- Bounce: Bounce back up when you fall (sneak to cancel)
- Blink: Blink like an Enderman. Safety and accuracy not guaranteed.
- Blink II: Enables precision teleporting
- Foresight: Anticipate the spawning of mobs



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