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RubyThings Mod



Rubythings is a mod that adds many things to the game not just ruby's and ruby things

I am intending this mod to add so many things I have so many things planned my mind hurts thinking of them all but as usual this mod is in beta/alpha and every stage there will be a full suite of features every time!


* - Additions 


Things It Adds (As of Build 555)


Ruby - Found from ruby ore (in the beta/alpha Only you can smelt emerald)


Ruby Ore - A little bit harder to find than diamond (Can only be mined with diamond)


Ruby Stone - A cool little block that adds a block that drops little ruby ingots in build 448 you would be able to craft a ruby with these


*Ruby nugget - Can be dropped by ruby stone and ruby glowstone


Ruby Glowstone - Found in the nether with other glowstone (Very Rare)


Ruby Tools - little more durable than diamond also a little more efficient


Ruby Armor - Way more durable than diamond and more protective



Diamond infused ruby - a new ruby based item used to craft diamond infused tools and armor


Diamond infused tools - Even more powerful than diamond and ruby tools


Diamond infused armor - Even more powerful than diamond and ruby


Lanthine Armor - Much stringer than anything as of build 555


Lanthine Tools - Best tools in the game as of build 555


Added 2 Biomes



*Other Additions and fixes/balances


- made diamond easier to find because it is not the best anymore


- added crafting recipe's for various things


- made compatible with 12 other tiers of armor ;)


- other various code fixes!



Other info




Current Version 0.4-Beta (Build 555)




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