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RPG Parties

Party up with your friends!




RPG Parties allows you to party up with your friends as if you were playing an RPG! As soon as your friend accepts, you'll be able to view their status wherever they are!

With a UI very loosely inspired from Final Fantasy, the UI sits on the top-left corner of your screen and displays a customizable amount of information - Health, Armor, etc.

In addition, this mod has an internal API to support additional content added to the UI.


When the party leader leaves, a new random party leader is assigned. Parties are retained until server restart.

Additionally as a party, you cannot damage your friends, making combat a lot safer around your party!


To begin, press 'P' on your keyboard, or use /party in the chat box


What mods are supported for party-UI?

  • Superior Shields (1.12 only)
  • Tough as Nails

    What languages are supported?

English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish (All Regions)

If you have other mods you'd like to see supported, please leave a comment!

Can I use this in a modpack?
Of course! I don't mind.