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 THIS is the Forge Version of this Mod.
For the Fabric Version, click *here*

This mod is now available on Modrinth

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Special Thanks to
OnyxKnight for contributing the config to reposition HUD elements relative to their original position. Check out his projects!
and zero_one_nine for porting the mod to 1.18.2

This mod will change your HUD (Heads Up Display) and add a few new features to it!


  • Health bar
  • Hunger bar
  • Experience bar
  • Breath bar
  • Horse jump bar
  • Character widget
  • Numeric values
    • Health
    • Stamina
    • Experience
  • Clock widget (See the world's time!)
    • Different time formats (24h,12h)
    • Immersive (Set it to only display if you carry a clock!)
  • Compass widget (See the direction you are going)
    • Immersive (Set it to only display if you carry a compass)
  • Item details
    • Display the item durability of your armor and equipped items
    • Display how many of the equipped block you have in your inventory
    • Display which arrow will be shot and how many of that type you carry
  • EntityInspect
    • Display Health and armor of the Creature you are looking at
  • Status Effects
    • See your active Status Effects with a timer
    • Resize the Status Effects to your liking
    • Render the Status Effects vertically instead
  • Free repositioning
    • You can reposition every single element of the mod
  • Debug settings (If this mod conflicts with another)
    • Disable anything you want of this mod
    • Disable the event other mods use to render certain elements (e.g. the health event)
  • Different HUD types (plus possible plugins!) - see Media for screenshots!
    • Vanilla HUD (you only want the other features, not the RPG-styled HUDs)
    • Simple HUD (My favorite - similar to vanilla but with bars!)
    • Default HUD (simple, effective)
    • Extended HUD (also simple, also effective)
    • Full Texture HUD (if you want to re-texture the entire thing)
    • Modern HUD (smooth, simple, transparent)
    • Hotbar HUD (widget combined with the hotbar)

Almost everything is customizable (and there will be even more customization possibilities in the future) via the ingame settings menu.
You can find the settings menu at the top right of your menu screen.

You have my sincere gratitude,