Roughly Enough Items

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Filename RoughlyEnoughItems-3.0-pre+build.1.jar
Uploaded by shedaniel
Uploaded Aug 18, 2019
Game Version Fabric
Size 827.94 KB
Downloads 477
MD5 6d4a7c5aa058b5b32035f760138d877a
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Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions
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Java 8


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v3.0-pre Build 1


  • Changed: API Will NOT load any of the old plugins
  • Removed: Old REI Plugin loading method (now only accepts entry points)
  • Redone #24: Speed Crafting
  • Closed #100: Select search bar with keybinding
  • Closed #102: Click on recipe arrows
  • Fixed #107: Recipe listing showing off screen far left
  • Fixed: REI will reset cache after syncing recipes
  • Improved: Up to 4x faster item search
  • Redone: Credits translators
  • Fixed #29: Mirrored REI covers effects and recipe book
  • Fixed: REI wanting old Cloth Config but not Cloth Config v2
  • Removed: Useless mixin
  • Fixed: Reversed Item Registry
  • Improved: Calculating Exclusion Zones
  • Added #126: Cycle gamemode backwards with shift-click
  • Added #122: Hide REI and still function
  • Added: stripping recipes
  • Improved: Config Screen
  • Using: Fiber as a config library
  • Fixed #132: macOS freeze due to java.awt
  • Fixed: Reloading REI doesn't reset display handlers
  • Added #135: Gray Suggestion on Search Field
  • Added #136: Back Keybind on recipe
  • Added #140: The ability to move the search field up
  • Fixed #131: Missing item names in REI pane.

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