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Cruising down your favourite river, you hear a distant "whoosh" further upstream. What could that be? You row on, scanning the water and the horizon. Your focus drifts to a hill up ahead, and - impossibly - a huge red squid shoots up over the hilltop, flames bursting from its underside.


You've just witnessed a Rocket Squid; at once a biological marvel and a truly cursed being. Despite the grace of its flight, it seems to be the victim of an unending practical joke; less an animal and more the tormented plaything of a disturbed teenager who values slapstick over basic human decency.


What are these creatures capable of? This is the riddle you may wish to solve. The aim is to encourage experimentation and reward the player by discovering things for themselves, but if you are unsure how to progress you can come here for hints.

This Wiki has a three-tiered system on each page:

  • The "Lore" tier is shown by default and provides subtle hints about the subject in a lore-like style. The mod is designed to encourage experimentation, and the most rewarding mod experience should come from only using the "Lore" tier and occasionally the next tier.
  • The "Hint" tier will provide some clear hints about what can be done with the subject, but not the results, so you can find out for yourself.
  • The "Detail" tier gives detailed information about the subject and basically spoils everything.

If you need even more detail, the source code is available here.


Note: Rocket Squids is available for Minecraft 1.9.4 and above, but only being maintained for Minecraft 1.12.2.




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