This is the official Curse page for Rocket Squids by FredTargaryen.


Predictably, this mod adds Rocket Squids: squids' bigger, fire-breathing counterparts, which have a tendency to blast into the air at random. Less predictably, they have some fairly complex behaviour and secret interactions which the player is encouraged to discover for themselves. The aim is to build more and more interactions into the mod over time.


For more hints and info a wiki is now available - click here. For the absolute detailed information (please don't spoil this for other players) the source code is here - the commit history reveals all.


For a spoiler-free taster of the mod HelldogMadness has provided this video:


For polls and discussion (which can directly affect the mod), and more videos, please visit the thread, or my new Twitter page.

Issues? Please report them on the mod's GitHub issue page, especially when it's to do with interactions I haven't detailed on the Wiki.


Please note that I am only actively maintaining this mod for Minecraft 1.15.2 and 1.16.3.