Robo's Fantasy Mod

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It was honestly foolish of me to assume that I would have time to work on this mod with the pressure of school and my maturas approaching. I don't think I'll update this mod anymore, but I don't know, maybe I might... Probably not though. I might make smaller mostly cosmetic mods instead in the future, but no promises as I don't know how much free time I'll be having. Anyways, thanks for hanging around and downloading my mod 5k times, wow.



The Aim of the Mod:

To add various fantasy themed content to the game, preferrably content that at least somewhat fits the style of vanilla Minecraft.


The Content:


Blood Knight Dael

The Man Himself

-Can be summoned with the Summoning Candle
-Phase 1: Very slow, only uses swords to attack, might summon blood orbs when hit
-Phase 2 (below 50% health): Becomes faster, occasionally gains temporary speed boost, uses both swords and blood orb summoning
-Drops Crest of Blood Knight Dael, an item used in crafting the Blood Greatsword
-Unreasonably edgy
-The only boss in the mod for now (More will be added later)
-His soundtrack sounds kind of bad


Fren :>
-Fren :>
-Can be tamed with seeds to follow and defend you
-You can make a rat army and become a rat warlord which is pretty awesome


Corpse Wiggler
Very Spooky

-Disguises itself as a person to lure in people by puppeting a web covered corpse
-Not too good at it's job
-At least it's trying, give it some credit
-It's color scheme is based on the joro spider, named after the Japanese mythological creature jorogumo



Blood Greatsword (Lifesteal melee weapon)
Crown of Blood (Helmet, grants speed boost below 50% health)
Shellstone (Crafting material)
Fluorite Shard (Crafting material, not yet used)
Hammer (Crafting tool for various recipes)
Other various items...


Fluorite Block (Drops Fluorite Crystals, similar to 1.17 Amethyst)
Shellstone Ore (Can be smelted for Shellstone Ingots)
Summoning Candle (Used for summoning bosses)
Other various blocks...


Autumn Forest

-It look like it does on the picture
-Permanently orange leaves that generate particles (which surprisingly do not seem to lag the game out)
-Has cool little shrubs


In The Works:

-Big Shelled Frog Thing (Animal for the Autumn Forest Biome, drops can be smelted into Shellstone Nuggets, can be tamed and ridden)
-The damn config file everyone keeps asking for


Ok, it is clear that school is taking a huge toll on my free time, and I wont be able to update this mod for a long while, but thanks for all the support and I hope I can get back to it sooner rather than later


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